BBC New Line of Product

I teamed up with Teddylogan on this assignment.  We were asked to cover the BBC new line of product that was about to be released to the public.  We met with Executive Chef Sean Haggerty, of the Bluegrass Brewing Company’s (BBC) Bourbon Barrel Loft Bar, to discuss his overall vision for his new line and to shoot some product photographs of the new items.

BBC's Bourbon Barrel Loft Bar

The new line of beer-centric edibles includes a Bloody Mary Mix, Beer Cheese, Spicy Roumalaude, and a Cajun Relish.  I have to say, I have tried all four items and the Beer Cheese is probably my favorite.  Combine this tasty spread with warm, oversized pretzels and you have a snack that’s very fitting for a night of drinks or even as an appetizer during a night of dinner.

As part of this project, Teddylogan and I ventured to Pop’s Pepper Patch to film the food preparation process.  For those of you that have never heard of Pop’s Pepper Patch, you’re not alone!  I had never heard them either!  However, I quickly learned that they are a small batch food processor specializing in Spicy Habagardil Pickles, Salad Dressings, Hot Sauces & Barbecue Sauces.

And they’re local!!  Chef Sean not only uses this local food processing business to manufacture his BBC new line of product, he also insists on using fresh, local ingredients.  Here are a few of the promotional photos that were captured that day:

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And now I would like to present a look into what goes into the BBC new line of product:

Check Out B.B.C. from Teddy Logan on Vimeo.


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