Dark Heart Creative Demo Reel 2015

I have so many creative & talented friends!  Last year I assisted my good friend and local Louisvillian filmmaker, Blake McGrew, on the Dark Heart Creative Demo Reel 2015.  It all started one evening when Blake text me asking if I was down to go film.  He said all I needed to do was to dress in all black, bring my laptop case, and meet him at his place.

Upon arriving at Blake’s place, I met Lora Madarang who was also assisting on the Dark Heart Creative demo reel 2015.  We loaded up into the film-van and headed downtown.

This project was super simple and a ton of fun!  Blake provided the gas masks which Lora and I wore.  He also filmed us acting out an improvised script he had just made up.  One of the coolest things about working with your friends is that everyone gets to throw out their ideas and opinions.  

Armed with a Canon T3i, Blake captured footage of Lora and I both dressed in all black and gas masks.  We shot on location in downtown Louisville, underneath bridges and inside parking garages.  We were actually stopped on three separate occasions by security, a police officer, and an ambulance driver.  After just a few hours, Blake had everything he needed and we all went home.  

On a completely separate day, once again Blake hit me up to see if I was interested in filming some more for the Dark Heart Creative demo reel 2015.  The question was a no-brainer for me and I gladly accepted his invitation.  I arrived at Blake’s fantasy laboratory to find I would be working with Lora again, so cool!  And he had invited his Props Master, Dustin Corbett, to come over and bring some fun toys.


The idea for this next part of the Dark Heart Creative demo reel 2015 was that Lora, Dustin, and myself would be playing CIA operatives who are filming the latest hostage terrorist propaganda video.  I played the role of the CIA film director and you can catch a glimpse of me in the beginning if the demo reel wearing the camouflage vest with the anarchy symbol on the back.  There is never a dull moment when teaming up with Blake and the folks over at Dark Heart Creative!!

Screenshots from the Dark Heart Creative Demo Reel 2015

And now I present the Dark Heart Creative Demo Reel 2015:

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