First Feature Film Role

In 2015 I had an opportunity for my first feature film role.  I was an extra in a feature film being filmed right here in Louisville, KY!!  The film is titled Where Hope Grows and although my appearance in this movie was barely noticeable, my experience there was anything but.  

It all started when I was on the Facebooks one day and noticed my friend Blake McGrew, over at Dark Heart Creative, made a post requesting extras that night.  I followed that lead and met down at Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar located at 230 East Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202.  

Stevie Ray's Blues Bar - Where hope Grows - First Feature Film Role

For those that have never been to Stevie Ray’s, just know that it is a bustling spot for live music 6 nights a week including jazz & blues, as well as a full bar.  They do an open mic night where musicians come in and sign up and play with their house band.

This was my first experience with being on an actual movie set.  What made it even more special is the fact that this was a place that I had performed in.  Check out this Instagram post I made after I finally was able to view this movie, Where Hope Grows:



This film role was definitely small however I loved the whole experience.  Being in that atmosphere with lots of other creative, talented people who were all working together on a common vision.  It was awesome!  It only solidified my decision to turn my back and leave the restaurant industry behind.  An industry I spent two decades in.  

Now, this role didn’t land me on their IMDb page.   I could’ve cared less about that right then, at that moment in time.  Besides, I have to have something to shoot for next!

So without further ado, here is the trailer for the movie I was an extra in, Where Hope Grows:

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