Recently I was getting sucked into Facebook when I happened upon a post by a local model by the name of Amanda Terry.  She had created a post about wanting to do an odd kind of photoshoot.  I was very intrigued and jumped at the opportunity to work with Amanda.  We started pinning down details for our shoot titled Oddities.  We literally were pinning ideas onto a board I created on Pinterest!!

One of the first things I did was reach out to shop owner Cathe Crabb of Unorthodox Art Gallery & Antique Store.  I had never been down to Unorthodox before, however everyone was talking about it and it started to sound like the prime location for this shoot.

Unorthodox Logo - Oddities Photoshoot - Marshall Artz Studio

My stylist, Genna Greene, and I met with Cathe one afternoon to discuss that possibility!  Cathe is super friendly and nice!  She agreed to let us shoot in her antique store & gallery.  This was amazing as I am all about supporting local businesses.

With the location finalized, I went to work pulling images from our Oddities Pinterest board to create our inspiration boards for the shoot.  I created an inspiration or vision board for each aspect of the shoot.  Below you will find the vision board for makeup and hair inspiration:13331134_10154889110720968_172692288361908644_n

Through the original Facebook post is how we selected our makeup artist.  Kelsey Pombo Eisenhut is a local makeup artist and someone else I have been wanting to work with.  This shoot was going to be the perfect opportunity to work with some new people.

Amanda suggested bringing in another model and we were able to get Virginia Stanley to make it out to join in on the fun!  And then, to round out the team, I was able to get my good friend Jamykal Teddylogan Short to come out and film BTS video for us!!  Here is the BTS video for Oddities:

Oddities Shoot BTS from Ted logan on Vimeo.

For this shoot I used natural light and a Nikon D810 FX-format Digital SLR camera with a Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens.  Here are some of the final images from our Oddities shoot:

Model Amanda Terry - Oddities - Marshall Artz Studio
Model Amanda Terry poses with a stuffed bat in a cage at Unorthodox, Louisville, KY.
Model Virginia Stanley - Oddities - Marshall Artz Studio
Model Virginia Stanley poses next to a stuffed Peacock at Unorthodox, Louisville, KY.
Model Virginia Stanley - Oddities - Unorthodox - Marshall Artz Studio
Model Virginia Stanley – The Peacock’s Eyes – Unorthodox, Louisville, KY.

And here is the complete team:

Location Owner:  Cathe Crabb of Unorthodox Art Gallery & Antique Store 

Models:  Amanda Terry & Virginia Stanley

Makeup:  Kelsey Pombo Eisenhut

Styling:  Genna Yussman Greene

Photography:  Marshall Shartzer III

BTS Video:  Jamykal Teddylogan Short

If you are interested in booking a themed photoshoot, contact me at marshall@marshallartzstudio.com

My team and I will work with you every step of the way.  From establishing the initial idea through the design process to the finished product.  

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